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Redefining hemp in Asia

Greenrice opened to Hong Kong shoppers in 2020 with the mission of spreading our love of incredible products produced by the hemp plant and to change the perception of the plant in Hong Kong and Asia - breaking the stigma around CBD. 


Our only focus is helping people.

We want to introduce more people to CBD - plant-based wellness -- because we believe in it. Many of us need relief from stresses, anxiety, pain and sleep deprivation.  At Greenrice, we do the work so that you can feel confident about choosing products, and exploring how CBD can help you feel better.

This is a responsibility that we take seriously to earn the trust of our community. Doing our small part to help our community has meant the world to us.

CBD sold in Hong Kong, beautifully photographed hemp leaves and oil tincture

We are two friends who have lived in NYC, London, Hong Kong - in cities that never sleep.  For us, that’s often not by choice. 

After years of trying ineffective sleep aids and prescription medications with undesired side effects, we came across CBD and gave it a try.  We were sold. Talking with others around us, we realized many people struggle with stress and anxiety daily.

 We were shocked by just how many people have been looking for a natural remedy or something to help them just relax. Some needed help to sleep, others to feel less anxious, and others for pain relief. CBD is a natural way to help with all of this.

So, we started Greenrice to first help ourselves and our friends.  Now we want to share products that we find and make it available to others just like us!

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Safety is our top priority when sourcing products. We spend a lot of time reviewing the story behind each product from start to finish to ensure that we understand where the hemp is coming from, how the CBD is extracted from the hemp, what happens in the manufacturing process, and then how it is presented in the final form—whether that is gummy, tincture, creams or other products. We also try each product to understand how it tastes, and how our bodies respond to the different concentrations, various topicals, patches, and edibles. 

We get excited about products and producers, and we are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned. We’re constantly exploring and we hope to introduce and offer products that are innovative, high-quality and delight our community.

Image by Road Trip with Raj