how much CBD should I take?

In short: there is no ‘correct’ CBD dosage. Check out the recommended dosage table.

The optimal dose for a consumer depends on several factors, such as body type, CBD tolerance, and the consumer’s level of pain or discomfort.

The type of CBD product and its concentration are other important considerations since some products interact differently with the body than others.

Important Dosage Considerations

CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant, meaning these products will be high in the beneficial compound CBD. However, it may be labeled several ways, which can get confusing.


If you’re searching for a product to help with sleep, pain, anxiety, or stress, look for the terms:​

  • Concentration: Concentration, or strength, refers to the total amount of CBD in a given product. Concentration is measured in milligrams (mg).

  • Dosage: Indicates the amount of CBD per serving. For instance, let’s say a bottle of CBD tincture has a concentration of 1500 mg and contains 30 milliliters (mL) of the tincture, with 1 mL as the standard serving size. This means each 1-mL serving will contain approximately 50 mg of CBD - that's the dosage; the consumer is not ingesting 1500 mg with each dosage.

  • Body Weight: A person’s weight often plays a role in how much – or how little – CBD affects the body. Generally speaking, heavier people need higher doses to experience the calming effects of CBD; lighter people, on the other hand, may feel the same effects with a lower dose.

  • Desired effects: For many, the optimal dose comes down to the level of pain or discomfort they are experiencing. Someone with chronic pain or severe anxiety may need a higher dose to alleviate their symptoms, whereas a person with a milder condition may prefer a lower dose with less pronounced effects.

  • Tolerance: CBD consumers may develop a tolerance over time, which can result in reduced effects from the same dosage. Higher subsequent doses may be needed to achieve the desired results.


Calculating the Recommended Dosage

The table below breaks down starting doses based on body weight and effect level. These dosages are approximations and highly subjective due to the nature of CBD consumption; always consult your physician about the best starting dose before trying CBD for the first time.

Weight Group

Less than 58KG

Mild Effects

11mg or less

Moderate Effects

12mg - 14mg

Strong Effects

15mg - 17mg

58KG - 105KG

18mg or less

19mg - 23mg

24mg - 27mg

More than 105KG

23mg or less

24mg - 30mg

31mg - 45mg

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