How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Body?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

CBD infused products are becoming popular at a rapid rate. At the same rate, the sophistication of many drug tests is also improving by significant numbers. Now, you are probably wondering how CBD – Cannabidiol (a chemical compound from any hemp plant that does not make you high) can land you in trouble if it does not make you high. Some even have lost their jobs, or it has led to a thing like parole violation. The idea is though, CBD is not the culprit here for all these mishaps but a little technicality related to is. But it is not stopping from people asking questions along the line of, “How long does CBD oil stay in the system?”.

To properly understand the answer to the question posed by the subject matter, you need to understand the inherent technicality that we were talking about before. So, let’s begin and dwell on it a little:

The Technicality:

There are many species of the cannabis plant. Each and every one of these species has a unique chemical makeup, but sometimes they can share some similar compounds, albeit in different concentration. Some of these species can have a chemical compound called THC (also called Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the one responsible for making a high effect on one’s body. Marijuana is one of those species of cannabis that is high on THC. No wonder, so many individuals take it for getting high. On the other end of the spectrum, CBD does not makes you high, as CBD effects are only therapeutic, or at the highest dosage, therapeutic and soothing.

It is predominantly found in the hemp plant that belongs to the cannabis plant family. It is popular for not making you high.

CBD Drug Tests

The drug tests that are in use, most of the time, essentially look for THC metabolites that can be found in the system. So, if you had taken marijuana in just the past three months (at most), it is most probable that you will be found to have THC in your body. But this does not answer the question that is posed by the subject matter! Does it? Well, before we do that, we would like to tell you that sometimes not all CBD infused products (even oil) are not purely all CBD. They might include some companion compounds that came along for the ride during CBD’s extraction. One of these can be THC (legally in most countries, CBD products are allowed to have 0.3% THC). Greenrice only carries products that are completely THC free!

Now even this modicum amount of CBD can be identified by those sophisticated drug tests. This is, if you also had been taking a nonpure CBD product during the past three months, then there is a chance that the THC that came in it will get you in trouble.

This kind of CBD is called full-spectrum, and if you want the pure one, which shouldn’t get you in trouble is called the CBD isolate. This should clearly, elevate the fears regarding a question like, How long does CBD oil stay in your system? Or anything related to it.

So, why are people asking about CBD’s retention in the system?

The main reason behind this is that many individuals blame CBD effects for something that is done by THC. It can be because they are not using a pure CBD oil or similar product, and therefore it can contain THC, which can lead them to trouble. This is perhaps, what drives people to ask, How long does CBD oil stay in your system? 

Another reason behind this phenomenon can be that some of the drug tests are indeed made to catch CBD too, even though it is harmless. This is a sporadic deal, and only a handful of organizations possess this kind of sophisticated drug tests. Even these look predominantly, for THC, not CBD but CBD can come along for the ride through, hence it can get you in trouble. One may also only ask a question like, How long does CBD oil stay in your system, to find out how long one can take advantage of CBD effects that are therapeutic.

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