Quite simply the best cold brew coffee on the plant. This vegan caffe latte is also low in calories, sugar and milk free making it the perfect coffee indulgence.


10mg CBD, 250ml


Our CBD is premium quality Colorado-grown, vegan and contains 0% THC


Water, Vanilla Creamer, Columbian Coffee, Sugar, Xanthum Gum, Natural Flavourings, Potassium Sorbate, Hemp Sativa Extract

Calm Drinks - Caffe Latte CBD Cold Brew Coffee

  • Energy - 70kJ/16.7kCal
    Fat - Trace
    of which saturates - 0
    Carbohydrate - 3.9g
    of which sugars - 3.5g
    Protein - 0.2g
    Salt - <0.1g
    CBD - 4mg
    Caffeine - 42.8g