what types of CBD are there?

There are three main types of CBD that you will encounter:


Contains all cannabinoids natural to hemp

All the naturally occurring cannabinoids are left intact, including trace amounts of THC.


Contains all cannabinoids natural to hemp, with THC fully removed

Provides a dynamic range of beneficial cannabinoids with 0% THC.


Contains pure CBD only, zero THC or other cannabinoids

99.9% pure CBD. Isolate is a form of CBD oil that specifically narrows in on the CBD cannabinoid.

Each type has it’s own set of pros and cons and any one type isn’t better than the others.

Selecting a type to use will depend on you and your needs. There are many factors that determine how a cannabinoid will impact the body, such as the chemical makeup of the individual, the weight of the individual, and the individual’s history with other substances. It is important to know the difference between all three so you can make an educated decision on what is right for you.

Full-Spectrum CBD Cannabinoid Breakdown Greenrice

Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD, sometimes referred to as whole plant CBD, maintains many beneficial parts of the plant, including numerous cannabinoids (THC and CBG to name a few), and terpenes.

Although non-psychoactive, full-spectrum CBD can give you a false positive during a drug test, especially if you consume high doses of Full-Spectrum CBD oil daily.

You won’t see this in Hong Kong as Hong Kong regulations don’t allow THC and CBN, which Full Spectrum CBD usually contains either-or.

Note: While full spectrum CBD and whole plant CBD are very similar, whole plant CBD is less refined than full spectrum and will contain fats, waxes, and other fibrous materials from the hemp plant. This type of CBD can be created using many different extraction methods.


Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids but has little to no amounts of THC. You will see us carry Broad Spectrum CBD with NO THC and CBN to comply with Hong Kong regulations.

The active compounds extracted from hemp work together to amplify the health benefits of each individual cannabinoid. This phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect. Because broad-spectrum extracts contain multiple cannabinoids, they also produce the “entourage effect,” but without the THC.

Broad Spectrum is Best for:

  • Individuals sensitive to THC

  • First-time CBD users afraid of THC

  • Individuals living in places with harsh THC regulations

  • CBD users with conditions that the isolate alone can’t help with

Broad-Spectrum CBD Cannabinoid Breakdown Greenrice CBD HONG KONG
CBD Isolate Cannabinoid Breakdown Greenrice CBD HONG KONG

CBD Isolate

Isolate contains just the single CBD cannabinoid and no terpenes

CBD isolate is the purest form of this compound, made by pulling it from its natural environment and removing it from all other ingredients.

There’s no entourage effect, though — you can benefit solely from the effects of cannabidiol, hence the lower price of such products and lower demand than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate is Best for:

  • Odorless and flavorless

  • Individuals afraid of failing a drug test

  • CBD users who prefer flavorless products

  • People living in states with harsh THC laws

  • New CBD users afraid of other cannabinoids

  • Individuals sensitive to THC or other cannabinoids​

  • Users who were recommended to take very high doses of CBD

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